Rik and Jenni Hoddinott are visual artists who use a wide range of media, from traditional watercolor and drawing techniques to hot
wax painting and photography.

They have been married since 2011 and lived for some time in Louisville Kentucky until recently moving to the UK - where Rik was born and raised.




Jenni Hoddinott (birth name: Jenni Goossens) is an experienced photographer from Quincy Illinois.
She recently began working in the medium of encaustic or hot wax painting, where beeswax and damar resin are blended with colored pigments.

Hot wax Lady
 2011 - 14 and work in progress

Rik's Gallery shows some of his work from the last 9 years, including landscape paintings inspired by British mythology.
His other website: louisville-portraits.com showcases his portraiture in watercolor, acrylic and oil.

Mythical Beast  2005 - 14

Portraits  2012 - 18

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