West shore

Watercolour; Deganwy - West shore, North Wales


The evil Welsh prince Helig ab Glannog was riding through his lands one day when he heard an invisible person warning him: "Vengeance is coming, vengeance is coming."
Alarmed, Helig shouted out "When?"
The person replied:
"In the time of thy great, great grandchildren."
The prince scoffed at a warning of something that could not possibly happen in his lifetime.

However many years later he held a great feast at his castle to which all of his family down to the fifth generation were invited. Late into the evening when visiting the mead cellar, one of the servants suddenly realised that seawater was forcing its way into the castle.
The man only had time to warn his friends of the danger when all the others; too drunk to move, were overwhelmed as the sea burst in.
Many ships have foundered on this part of the North Wales coast. The ghostly figures of lost mariners have been seen wandering aimlessly along the shoreline - and it is said that
on certain nights of the year the bells of a ruined abbey near West shore can still be heard tolling their warning to the ships.